A tattoo studio that feels like family

Hundred Brothers Social Club Bali is a top-rated tattoo studio located in the heart of Legian, Bali. We specialize in American traditional, fine-line, blackwork, black and grey, and realism tattoos.

Our artists

Aris, tattoo artist at HBSC while tattooing


Meet Aris, the reigning King of American Traditional at HBSC.
Known for his bold and vibrant American traditional tattoos as well as striking blackwork, Aris thrives on creating sizable pieces that make a statement. When he's not holding a tattoo machine, you'll find him rocking his favourite Dr. Martens and sipping on a glass of fine whiskey.

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Yadri, tattoo artist at HBSC while tattooing


Yadri, the Master of Fine Lines, Ornaments, and Realism, is the eclectic fusion artist at HBSC. Combining seemingly uncombineable elements, he seamlessly weaves fine lines, mesmerizing ornaments, and stunning realism into his tattoo art. Outside of the tattoo studio, Yadri is a big family guy who ocasionally surprises everyone by belting out tunes at team karaoke hangouts.

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Anom, tattoo artist at HBSC while tattooing


Our Blackwork expert at HBSC, is a true standout artist. His work is instantly recognizable, defined by its crisp lines and distinctive designs that set him apart from the rest. When he's not creating stunning tattoos, Anom showcases his talent as a hardcore band vocalist, bringing the same intensity and uniqueness to his music as he does to his art.

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Why choose hbsc tattoo

World-class safety standards

We adhere to the strictest hygiene & safety protocols, and use only premium inks and equipment. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, ensuring a professional experience from start to finish.

EXpert artists

Our team consists of the best artists, each specializing in a specific tattoo style. From bold traditional colors to delicate fine line designs, we ensure top-notch artistry for every piece.

Personalized experience

We prioritize your vision. Our consultative approach guarantees a design that’s not just a tattoo, but a personal statement, tailored to your individual style and story.