Liability Release Form

1. Acknowledgement of risks
I acknowledge that I have been fully informed of the inherent risks associated with receiving a tattoo. I understand that these risks, both known and unknown, may include but are not limited to infection, scarring, difficulties in detecting melanoma, and allergic reactions to tattoo pigment, latex gloves, and/or soap.
2. Waiver and release
I hereby WAIVE AND RELEASE, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Hundred Brothers Social Club Tattoo Studio and its artists from all liability for any claims or causes of action that I may have for personal injury or otherwise, including any direct and/or consequential damages, which result from or are related to the application of my tattoo.
3. Aftercare and healing
The artist has provided me with instructions on the care of my tattoo during its healing process, and I fully understand and agree to follow these instructions. I acknowledge the possibility of infection if I fail to follow the given instructions. I agree that any necessary touch-up work resulting from my negligence will be at my own expense.
4. Health and Sobriety Declaration
I declare that I am not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and am submitting to be tattooed voluntarily and without duress or coercion. I affirm that I do not suffer from diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, a heart condition, AIDS, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, and am not on blood-thinning medication. I do not have any medical or skin condition that may interfere with the application or healing of the tattoo. I am not mentally impaired in a way that affects my judgment in deciding to get a tattoo.
5. Consent to photography
I hereby release all rights to any photographs taken of me and my tattoo, and give my consent in advance for their reproduction in print or electronic form.
6. understanding and agreement
I acknowledge that I have been given adequate opportunity to read and understand this document. I am aware that this is a legal contract waiving certain rights to recover against Hundred Brothers Social Club Tattoo Studio and its artists. I declare that I am of legal age (and have provided valid proof of age) and competent to sign this Agreement, or, if I am a minor, my parent or legal guardian has signed on my behalf, understanding and agreeing to this Agreement.
7. reiteration of aftercare
I reiterate my commitment to the aftercare instructions provided by the artist for my tattoo’s healing. I understand the importance of following these instructions to prevent infection and ensure optimal healing.
8. Personal responsibility
I agree that the decision to receive a tattoo and the responsibility for the outcome are mine alone. I take full responsibility for this decision and any results arising from it.
9. Contact us
For questions or concerns, please contact us at
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